Apartment Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician safeguards the interests of the owners by maintaining the physical condition of property and equipment according to company guidelines and standards, and protecting the property and equipment from damage, loss, and deterioration.

Maintains and cares for equipment as may be necessary for its continuous operation. Completes emergency repairs as may be required to prevent damage or deterioration
Documents replacement of appliances, carpet, vinyl, water heaters, condensers, etc., in all units. Also tracks systems repairs, apartment painting (full paint or touch-up), refrigerator coil cleaning, and carbon monoxide checks, and other major repairs
Maintains an adequate inventory supply level while ensuring service shop is clean and organized
Performs daily pool/spa inspections (in season) to ensure proper water chemistry and cleanliness of pool/spa area, and to ascertain needed repairs or improvements
Keeps premises supplied with cold and hot water at all times. Keeps premises heated and cooled as the seasons or local ordinance may require Performs routine maintenance and repair on central and/or individual air conditioning units as authorized or directed by Supervisor
Notes building deficiencies or needs to Supervisor in writing
Adheres to established policies related to fair housing
Assists in the maintenance/cleanliness of the common areas
All Technicians are either directly responsible for these standards or all required to support the service team in achieving these standards.
Curb Appeal
Service Requests
Preventive Maintenance
Energy Conservation
Market Ready/Unit Turns

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